Health and energy in movement

Health is energy in movement

Everything is energy.  And  energy wants to move.  Our energy naturally moves.  The most simple way to talk about health is to talk about energy in movement.  We know what it is when a certain part of out life is stuck.  It becomes injured or sick.  The energy is stalled.  

And we know when our life is in movement.  A momentum is palpable.  Energy service and healing is the simple and profound act of bringing movement where there has been impedance or resistance.   Physical, emotional and energetic health is restored when blocks are dissolved and movement is re-introduced.  Life flows freely once again in health.


Energy Services for the 21st century Individual


Energy Service

We all lead such fast paced lives now. There is more exchange of energy than anytime in history. There is a ton of information being communicated to us and demanded from us on a second by second basis. Our energy gets mixed up in so much, and so many outer energies get mixed up in us. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. And we can clear it. Energy Service is a effective way to direct the demands and extra/stuck/out-of-date stuff out of us to be neutralized. Ali uses her Clairvoyance and Healing abilities to do her Energy Service. 


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Ali is available afternoons and evenings.  Sessions are in-person and online via FaceTime or Skype

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