About Sessions with Ali

Clairvoyant Readings

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An effective way of moving energy is to see it.  To become aware of what has been hidden.  A Clairvoyant Reading unearths hidden, subtle blockages and issues in this way.  It works much like calling out an issue with an employee or friend, this can begin to resolve it.  Your Energy system begins to naturally flow with more health and vitality when the stuck issues are addressed.  

Ali is an experienced Clairvoyant reader.  This is done while connected online via Skype or FaceTime. The cost is $125 for a 60 minute Reading Session. Email to book alichemize@gmail.com

Energy Healings

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In an Energy Healing, Ali moves a neutral healing energy through your energy system in your body and your aura (personal space around you).  The effect is a removal of all the energies which are stuck or old that you a ready to let go of.  Most feel a relief of anxiety and an uplifting, rested sensation. 

The cost is $75 for a 30 minute online healing session

Ali also offers a 90 min session of reading and healing for $175 in-person or online

Email Ali at alichemize@gmail.com to book a session.